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360 Live Camera At PGA Championship

Pretty cool link here:  360 degree video camera from the PGA Championship.  It’s live from the 15th and you can drag, pan, and zoom the camera around.

See it (and hear it) here!

Social Media Hubs: ‘Canes & Lightning

The Carolina Hurricanes have put all their social media in one place

The Carolina Hurricanes today launched “Social Media Central”, which is a one-stop shop for everything Facebook, Twitter, and blog related.

It’s an awesome way for fans to find all verifiable pages and sources for social/real time media. Continue Reading…

Home Run Derby Batters To Interact Live With Fans Via Twitter

This is cool.

via Mashable:

In what’s being called by baseball promoters “one of the most immersive social media events in Major League Baseball history,” Monday night’s Home Run Derby will feature many of the competition’s batters interacting with fans during the competition on Twitter for the first time ever.


Thoughts On A Return To PNC Park

Halcyon Moments

Last night I made my first trip in over a year to see the ‘dem Buccos play at PNC Park.  It was a special night for me since I was taking my 5 year old son to his first big league game. Halcyon moments, right?

I’ve probably only been to PNC Park a couple dozen times over the years.  Lots of times sitting in a luxury box and frankly not paying a lot of attention to the game.  I’ve always had trouble being a spectator at sporting events — 12 years of working in that field and I have trouble relaxing and just enjoying the game without thinking “there’s something I should be doing” or “gee, why didn’t that light fire when it was supposed to”.  So it was nice to have that out of my system and just enjoy it for what it was. Continue Reading…

Tampa Bay With On-Ice Projection

Nice little feature here on the on-ice projection being used at the St. Pete Times Forum.

While we ended up buying our projectors, we did use Dangers, Inc for the first home opener out of the lockout for some still imagery.

Personally, I love the on-ice stuff, although it can definitely be a burden on the creative team if you are making changes every night (which we did at the Penguins). The folks in the low seats miss out a bit on the total experience, but from lower-middle level up it’s great.

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